Adam & Matthew’s Great Adventures

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11148531_10203717691253912_6619609494065264611_o“We traveled from Thailand for Microtia ear surgery for my 13 year old son, Matthew. He has grade 3 microtia and atresia on his left side. He’s lived quite the normal and happy life and his hearing hasn’t really been an issue. We started looking for surgeons several years ago, eventually settling on rib graft in Australia. We had the initial consultation but eventually became frustrated with a number of things and started seriously looking elsewhere. Medpor didn’t really appeal to me at first. However, after really studying the results and talking to a number of parents, we contacted Dr. Lewin’s office in California and arranged a Skype meeting with her. Dr. Lewin just blew us all out of the water! Six months later we arrived in LA for surgery. Matthew’s new ear and results were mind blowing, just a miracle!

11081475_10203557958300688_1532270684606227477_nSince we had to stay a month in the US for surgery, we decided to go on some adventures. After a very long flight from Thailand, we headed straight for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. We loved every second of it. We then went on to do Universal Studios and had a great time, along with 6 flags Magic Mountain roller coaster park. Must have been half of California’s population in there that day (get the fast pass!) After surgery we just took it easy looking around Hollywood, The Getty Centre and Warner Brothers movie studios. Over the next few weeks between post-op appointments, we ventured around California from San Diego (the zoo is great) to Santa Barbara (loved Brophy Bros seafood on the pier) to San Francisco (don’t miss Alcatraz but book it weeks in advance). We traveled to Las Vegas (Love show by the Beatles was awesome), the Grand Canyon and Sequoia National park (world’s biggest trees).


Overall, we had a great surgical experience, we loved California and we hope to travel back again soon! Only one warning – LA drivers are good but they drive fast!” ~ Adam

(Before & After Microtia Ear Surgery photo)

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