Dr.. Sheryl Lewin, Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction Surgeon
Lewin Ear Reconstruction | Torrance, California

Dr.. Lewin is a Craniofacial-trained board-certified Plastic Surgeon. She is one of the leading microtia surgeons in the United States treating children and adults with the Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction (“PIER”) technique (commonly known as Medpor, SuPor). She has spent the last 10 years developing innovative techniques to improve the outcome of PIER. She is the founder of Earicles, Milagros para los oídos, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, research and surgical care for needy patients with microtia.



Tiffany Wilke, Microtia Patient Liaison

Tiffany is the mother to an 12 year old bilateral Microtia Atresia child, Manny, that has undergone the ear reconstruction process and wears bilateral hearing processors. Tiffany is Dr. Lewin’s Microtia Patient Liaison and the Earicles Conference Coordinator.




Carey Farmer

Carey Blair Farmer, Dallas Meet & Greet Host Family

Carey is the mother to 10 year old Unilateral Microtia Atresia child, Gabriella, that has undergone the ear reconstruction process. Carey and her husband, Malcolm, have graciously volunteered to host this wonderful event and donate the Texas Legends basketball tickets.