EarPals LogoWhat is EarPals?

EarPals is a unique program that introduces children with Microtia to each other. Parents have always told me how helpful it is when they have an opportunity to talk with other parents about all the confusing issues related to Microtia. There are many wonderful online forums to enable these parents to make connections such as the following links: earcommunity.com, Yahoo Atresia Microtia Support Group, and Facebook Microtia and Atresia Support Group. Until now, there was nothing available for children with Microtia to meet other children with the same condition.

I thought it might be fun for a child with unrepaired Microtia to “meet” and become pen pals with a child who has already had surgery. The goal of EarPals is not only to have fun, but to also allow children with similar experiences to help, teach and learn from each other.  (The parents of EarPals can certainly become “Pals” too).

If you would like to participate in this program (either before or after having surgery), please fill out the form below and we will find an EarPal for you!

-Dr. Lewin