One of the greatest advantages of Medpor Ear Reconstruction is that the surgery can be performed when a child turns 3 years of age, allowing for completion of the entire process well before the child enters kindergarten (even with bilateral Microtia).

Early reconstruction minimizes anxiety for the child as well as feelings of being “different.” There is another advantage of early completion of the surgery: the delicate, thin tissues used to cover the Medpor often show more definition in a 3 or 4-year-old than in older children or teenagers, who have thicker tissues.

In comparison to the Rib Cartilage surgery, the Medpor technique offers several other advantages: less pain, no inpatient hospitalization, fewer surgeries, lower cost, earlier restoration of hearing and, often, a more symmetric, natural-appearing ear.

Click here for a direct Comparison of Medpor and Rib Cartilage.

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