Medpor is a biocompatible porous polyethylene material with a unique structure of interconnecting pores (or holes), which allows integration of the flap’s blood vessels into the implant. This quality protects the ear reconstruction, as the patient’s own vascularized tissue completely covers and integrates into the implant.

Medpor is the gold standard for the most non-reactive substance that can be used in the human body.[1]
Over the past 20+ years, Medpor has been successfully used in over 250,000 cranial, oculoplastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.

[1] J. P. Rubin and M. J. Yaremchuk, “Complications and toxicities of implantable biomaterials used in facial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery: a comprehensive review of the literature,” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, vol. 100, no. 5, pp. 1336–1353, 1997.)

Close-up photo of Medpor’s porous polyethylene structure

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