The Medpor implant comes as two individual pieces, which are then artfully sculpted and soldered together into a realistic framework to create a natural-appearing ear for your child. This 2-piece design allows your child’s surgeon to create an ear of any size and shape and, in the case of unilateral Microtia, to match the unique shape of the normal ear. Similarly, the amount of ear projection (distance of the ear from the head) can be easily controlled in order to match the other ear in the first operation, rather than adjusting projection in a subsequent procedure.

Unlike cartilage, the Medpor material is very strong, so details of the ear (like the rim) can be very delicate and thin while remaining strong enough to hold its shape. This property allows Medpor Ear Reconstructions to look very natural, and symmetric with the opposite ear.

Left, the Medpor implant as two standard pieces and, on the right, after customization.

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