The Medpor implant is 100% covered with a thin, vascularized “living” membrane called the Temporoparietal Fascia. We refer to it as a “TPF flap.” The entire key to success of Medpor surgery lies in the dissection of this flap. It is removed from under the scalp as a two-layered (bilaminar) membrane that envelops the implant. The deeper layer integrates into the Medpor while the superficial layer supports the skin that covers the new ear. Each of the two layers can move relative to one another, which protects the ear.

Once the flap is in place, it is covered with skin. There are several options to obtain the skin grafts, including the area around the Microtia, the opposite ear, the scalp, the lower abdomen/groin area, or the upper, inner arm.

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