Tatsache: It is true that once in place, the size of the Medpor implant does not change over time. Deshalb, anatomic studies of how the ear grows are used to predict how large a child’s normal ear will get. The sizes of the parents’ ears are also taken into consideration. In this way, the final size is predicted and the Medpor ear is made to be that size.

Some microtia surgeons believe that rib cartilage ears continue to grow, but there is certainly no way to predict how much, or if, this will occur in any given child. Firm rib cartilage graft (that has no blood supply initially) is very different from delicate living ear cartilage, thus there is guesswork in all of these reconstructions.

It is critical to compare the reconstructed and normal ears to each other after surgery. Most microtia websites do not show views of the normal ear, thus there is no way to tell how similar the surgical ear is to the normal side. Dr.. Lewin firmly believes all views of both ears at similar angles should be shown so families will have a realistic idea of how close the ears match. All of Dr. Lewin’s microtia patients have all views displayed in the Mikrotie Patient Galerie.

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