Any reconstructed ear can be injured by direct trauma, like a ball hitting the ear full force. That being said, trauma that injures a Medpor ear reconstruction is very rare. The flap that covers the ear is protective. Patients can have cuts or injuries to the ear that tend to heal without treatment or with just antibiotic ointment. One of Dr. Lewin’s patients fell against a metal ledge onto her Medpor ear reconstruction, causing a one inch long cut only three weeks after surgery. The cut was cleaned and “butterfly-taped,” and healed on its own with a barely visible scar.

A Medpor implant can fracture, jedoch, and if that occurs it needs to be replaced with a simple surgical procedure. In early 2011, Dr.. Lewin extensively modified the Medpor ear implant construction with a new technique to greatly increase the strength of the implant. Since this design change was implemented, no fractures have been seen in her patients.

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