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Kids FAQ

1. How can you make me an ear?

First, a special doctor (called an anesthesiologist) helps you to fall asleep.
All you have to do is take some big breaths through a mask.
There are NO SHOTS when you have surgery!
After you are sleeping, Dr. Lewin will use something called Medpor
to make the shape of your new ear, and then she will cover it with skin.

2. Will it hurt?

Most kids say it doesn’t hurt too much. At certain times, you may feel sore.
If that happens, you can ask your parents for a special medicine to make you feel better
(it doesn’t taste too great though).

3. How will I feel after surgery?

Right after surgery you will be very tired, and maybe cranky. In the first few days, you may not want to eat very much and you won’t have as much energy. Some kids say they feel itchy after surgery. Most kids are back to themselves in a couple of days.

4. What will happen to my little ear?

Dr. Lewin will save your little ear and use it to help make your big ear!

5. What will I look like after surgery?

You will have a special dressing on to protect your new ear.
After a day or two, your face will get puffy, including your eye.
That goes away by one week after surgery.

6. What will happen when I go to Dr. Lewin’s office after surgery?

We will take off your ear cup, clean your ear, wash your hair, and put a fresh new ear cup back on to protect your ear. Click here to watch 3 year old Neabella getting her Medpor ear.

7. What will my ear look like after surgery?

Your ear starts out very swollen and is pink and purple. Every week, it will look better and better. It does take months for your ear to completely heal.

1 week after surgery       2 weeks after surgery        3 weeks after surgery           6 mos after surgery

8. What am I allowed to do?

You need to be very careful right after surgery, so your ear stays safe. It is OK to play quietly, but you are not allowed to run around, jump, or play hard for a couple weeks. Dr. Lewin will ask your parents to let you watch lots of TV and play video games (lots of reading and drawing too) since you won’t be able to run around. After 3 weeks, you can do most things like before, but just not play PE or sports. You can go back to all activities after 6 weeks.

9. Will my new ear be just like my other big ear?

No, not exactly  the same. Dr. Lewin will try to make your new ear look just like your other big ear, but the new ear is always a little different in shape. Also, your other ear can bend, but your new ear will feel hard and won’t bend at all. But it can move up and down just like your other big ear.

10. For girls: Can I get my ears pierced?

Yes! If your parents say it is OK, Dr. Lewin will pierce your ears while you are sleeping (so it doesn’t hurt at all!).

11. Can I sleep on my new ear?

Early after surgery, it is best not to. But once your new ear has healed, yes. Some kids always sleep on their new ears, others never do, and most do sometimes. It doesn’t hurt your ear at all, but some kids say it is uncomfortable to sleep on their new ears.

12. Can my new ear get hurt?

Yes, just like you can scrape your knee or break your arm, you can also hurt your new ear if it gets hit or scratched. You do need to be careful with your new ear, but most things (like cuts or bumps) will heal just like the rest of you does.

13. Can I meet another child like me with Microtia?

If you want to become pen pals with another child your age that has already had surgery to get their new ear, tell your parents that you want to be an EarPal. Your EarPal is excited to help you learn what it was like to get a new ear!
Click here to sign up for Ear Pals.

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