3_sparkle_600Questions: For questions about LAMAC please contact us at info@lewinmd.com

Conference Updates: For up-to-date LAMAC information, please follow our Facebook LAMAC event page at:
www.facebook.com/sheryllewinmd/events (select “Earicles 2017 로스 앤젤레스 소이증 폐쇄증 회의 (LAMAC)”).

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We will also send conference communications via email.

Cancellation Policy: We have a no cancellation policy and cannot refund the registration fee due to any cancellations. If you are not able to attend the conference, your fee will be considered a tax-deductible donation to Earicles and upon request a letter will be sent to you documenting the donation. Please email info@lewinmd.com with any questions about this policy. Please check with Terranea Resort regarding their specific cancellation policy.