(Update 7/27/17: Kids camp is sold-out for all ages.)

(Update 5/18/17: Kids Camp is sold-out for ages 1-4. Earicles cannot add any more children per the Kids Camp service, helpr. Families can book individualized care needed through their Helpr app (see below). For children ages 4 and above, children can still attend Terranea’s Kids Camp from 8am-12pm. Earicles will pay for 2 children per family ages 4 and above to attend Terranea’s Kids Camp. Each additional child is $50. Please email info@lewinmd.com with any questions!)

Earicles will provide childcare for 2 children, per family, возраст 2 years and up, during the Saturday morning conference lectures. Each additional child is an additional $50 fee, payable during online registration. Children are NOT encouraged to attend the conference lectures out of respect to other LAMAC attendees.

All children must be pre-registered for Kids Camp! This includes the child with microtia AND any siblings. Please register each child during the online LAMAC Registration process, including name(с), возраст(с), and any allergies. All registered children will receive a conference and Kids Camp wristband during check-in at Terranea.

For children under 2 year of age, families can book individual childcare service through the Terranea-preferred service, helpr, who is also providing childcare for our event. To book this childcare service, please email Rachel at rachel@helpr-app.com.

From helpr: “Dear parents,

For those looking for highly attuned individual care for your littles, we recommend booking childcare via helpr (mobile app) directly vs. booking group care through LAMAC Kids Camp. You’ll be welcome to join the group activities with the supervision of the dedicated sitter, but will have direct attention for naps, feedings, и т.д.. There will be no napping in the kids club room and a 1:3 ratio for the children 2-3 but there will be no division of space from camp with older children. Limited to no outdoor time is planned based on limitations from resort and conference creators. Juice and crackers will be provided to children but meals will not be provided. Children should come changed and with extra diaper supplies.
*If any child is not able to be consoled after 15 minutes, Helpr will require parent to assist with child. Child can re-enter care space only after they’re relaxed. No refunds to be provided in this case. Child will not be permitted for re-entry after second removal.
The group program will be lots of fun and include outdoor time as well as indoor time. Please be sure to pack for outdoor weather - sunscreen, hats, and comfy shoes. Children 4+ will be in a 1:4 ratio with sitter.”

IMG_4964shutterstock_57995842DC-MAC - DAY 2 - DAYCARE_021