Dr.. Sheryl Lewin, Porous Implant Ear Surgeon

Ästhetische Ohrrekonstruktion | Torrance, CA

Dr.. Lewin is a Craniofacial-trained board-certified Plastic Surgeon. She is one of the leading microtia surgeons in the United States treating children and adults with the Porous Implant Ear Reconstruction (“PIER”) technique (commonly known as Medpor, SuPor). She has spent the last 10 years developing innovative techniques to improve the outcome of PIER. She is the founder of Earicles, Miracles for Ears, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, advocacy, research and surgical care for needy patients with microtia.


Dr.. Arturo Bonilla, Rib Cartilage Ear Surgeon

Microtia-Congenital Ear Deformity Institute | San Antonio, Texas

Dr.. Bonilla is board-certified and fellowship trained in Pediatric Otolaryngology / Head & Neck Surgery. He is the only exclusive pediatric microtia surgeon in the United States utilizing the natural cartilage technique for ear reconstruction. He has spent the last 20 years revising and developing his own techniques for pediatric microtia reconstruction. He is the founder of the Microtia – Congenital Ear Deformity Institute (San Antonio, Texas), a world-renowned center for ear reconstruction in children. He has been a featured lecturer in pediatric microtia surgery, both locally and internationally.


Dr.. Bradley Kesser, Atresia Repair (Canal) Surgeon

Associate Professor, University of Virginia | Charlottesville, Virginia

Dr.. Kesser is a board-certified Otolaryngologist with subspecialty training in Otology/Neurotology. He is one of the nation’s top experts in atresia repair. He trained with Dr. Jahrsdoerfer, who pioneered atresia surgery and developed the landmark grading system for analyzing middle ear anatomy. He is a true academician, publishing extensively on unilateral hearing loss and its correction and improving outcomes in surgery for congenital aural atresia. He has won numerous clinical and research awards.


Dr.. Andre Panossian, Facial Paralysis Surgeon

Facial Paralysis Center | Beverly Hills, CA

Dr.. Panossian is a Craniofacial-trained board-certiifed Plastic Surgeon, specializing in Facial Paralysis. He is the Founder and Director of the Facial Paralysis Center and has a unique qualification for treating children as well as adults. Dr.. Panossian is recognized for his work with gracilis muscle transfers for smile reanimation in addition to temporalis muscle transfers. He has developed a new technique using the temporalis lengthening myoplasty described most recently by Dr. Daniel Labbé. Through a series of significant modifications, Dr.. Panossian has improved the predictability and overall results with minimal risks.


Sarah & Angela Sabal, Patient/Parent Advocates

Sarah was born with Bilateral Microtia and Atresia and lived in an orphanage in China until the age of 7 when she was adopted. Sarah now has two reconstructed ears and wears two bone conduction auditory processors. She is a talented artist, scholar, and athlete. Her mom, Angela, is the founder of 4 Facebook support groups (BAHA World Hearing, BAHA “Kids Club” World Hearing, Bilateral Conductive Hearing Loss, BAHA Attract/ Magnetic Coupling World Hearing Support Group).