EARICLES 1st Annual Los Angeles Microtia Atresia Conference (LaMac) में 2013 was a great success, but sold out quickly.
इसलिए, we are excited to announce FOUR Microtia Atresia Conferences में 2014 with the hopes of providing more families the opportunity to attend. All 2014 conferences will have patients/parents who have already had ear surgery answering audience questions in a patient/parent forum.


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LaMac, our flagship conference in Los Angeles, is 2 day comprehensive event with Microtia and Atresia Surgeons Dr. शेरिल लेविन, डॉ.. Arturo Bonilla and Dr. Bradley Kesser (along with several other surgeons and speakers) presenting over two mornings with Individual Patient Appointments with surgeons in the afternoons. There are many LAMAC sponsored activities and events, including a patient/parent forum, throughout the weekend.

miniMAC Chicago is a one day abbreviated conference that will have the same LAMAC surgeons (डॉ.. लेविन, डॉ.. Bonilla and Dr. Kesser) lecture in the morning with Individual Patient Appointments in the afternoon. Essential information about all treatment options for Microtia and Atresia will be covered.

COLMAC, our international conference in Bogota, Colombia, और ECMAC, our international conference in Quito, Ecuador, will focus on the Medpor technique of ear reconstruction.

Please read the 2013 LAMAC comments and results from our survey see what all the excitement is about:


“This has been the most humbling experience of my entire life. These surgeons, families, and patients are some of the most amazing, kind hearted, and understanding people that I have ever met. We were finally able to meet many of the people that have guided us along the way! Words cannot even touch the emotions that we are feeling.”

“I can’t say enough good things about this event. This was our first vacation as a family and it exceeded our expectations. Even though we came to the event knowing what route we are taking surgically, it was so nice meeting the other families and hearing their stories and seeing their ears. Making sure we are able to attend next year’s event is a priority. धन्यवाद!!!”

“I was very impressed with the presentations by the surgeons. We came to gather information and found the conference to be very informational.”

97% would recommend attending LAMAC to other Microtia/Atresia families
94% recommend holding LAMAC at Terranea again
100% recommended the Meet and Greet
100% found the parent/patient forum valuable
>95% felt lectures from the 3 key speakers exceeded their expectations


“My son being able to see he’s not alone”

“Meeting families from across the globe who came to the event”

“Enjoying the beautiful location and having a one stop shop of information.”

“The opportunity to provide support, hope, and love to families that are dealing with Microtia/Atresia. Wonderful, humble, gifted, and talented doctors.Loved seeing all the little ears and BAHA’s!! The kids all had such a great time.”

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