We survey all of our Earicles Microtia Atresia families after each conference so we can improve upon each and every conference…

What was your favorite part of the conference?

“My son being able to see he’s not alone” -LAMAC 2013

“The presentations, meeting with the vendors and learning about the newest hearing aids” -DCMAC 2015

“Meeting families from across the globe who came to the event” -LAMAC 2013

“…EVERYTHING! Very well organized, breakfast was great! I loved the hotel and the staff was VERY VERY helpful and friendly! -miniMAC Chicago 2014

“Meeting other families as well as adults with MA and hearing their experience. It was a true blessing to have had the opportunity to attend the LAMAC and looking forward to next year’s!” -LAMAC 2013

“Meeting with the doctors individually. Our daughter with microtia now feels 100% confident in her decision to move forward with surgery now that she has personally met with the doctor.” -DCMAC 2015

“The surgeons lectures. Um, wow.”-miniMAC Chicago 2014

“I was very impressed with the presentations by the surgeons. We came to gather information and found the conference to be very informational.” – LAMAC 2013

“I think everything about it was great! Very informative, we learned new things….liked the part of about the myths.” -LAMAC 2013

“Wonderful, humbled, gifted, and talented doctors. Loved seeing all the little ears and BAHA’s!! The kids all had such a great time.” -LAMAC 2014

Do you have any additional comments?

“Thank you so much for holding this wonderful event. You’ve helped provide much needed information and peace of mind in what can be a confusing and frightening medical journey.” -LAMAC 2014

“Thank you all so much! I feel empowered, comforted, and so much less alone navigating my child’s microtia.” -LAMAC 2014

“It was wonderful to speak with other parents who have gone through surgery and understand what you are going through as a parent.” -NYMAC 2015

“Enjoying the beautiful location and having a one stop shop of information.” -LAMAC 2013

“We enjoyed meeting the doctors and learning so much! Everyone was so nice…we felt very welcomed and a part of something great!!” -miniMAC Chicago 2014

“We are so thankful for the hard work that was put into the conference!” -LAMAC 2013

“This was a hugely valuable experience for us, we can not thank you guys enough” -LAMAC 2014

“Really appreciate having the variety of specialists, speakers, and families. It certainly helped us learn more about our options moving forward.” -LAMAC 2014

Would you recommend an Earicles Microtia Atresia Conference to another family?

99% of attendees (over 200 surveyed) said they WOULD recommend an Earicles conference to another family

1 person was a maybeWink