New Technique for Nearly Scarless Ear Reconstruction 

Whether Microtia is repaired using Rib Cartilage or Medpor, additional skin is needed from other parts of the body to cover a portion of the new ear. These “skin grafts” will leave scars at the sites they were taken from, and may not be the same color and texture as the normal ear.

In 2010, Dr. Lewin developed a procedure that allows her to perform Medpor Ear Reconstruction without requiring skin grafts from other areas of the body. This new surgery option is based on a well-established surgical technique called “Tissue Expansion,” in which skin is slowly stretched over an “expander” to create a large amount of “new” skin. Although uncommon in the United States, tissue expansion for ear reconstruction has been used extensively in China with the Rib Cartilage technique.

Dr. Lewin’s Medpor version of this surgical procedure is explained in the following presentation

Patients for the tissue expansion procedure are carefully selected based on their anatomy and ability to be followed very closely by Dr. Lewin.